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Downloading the QPL11 App is Easy!

Android users online fantasy sports are offered as apk. Here’s how to download & install.

Install Step 1

Open & click on "Download for Android" button

Install Step 2

Wait for the apk to download & click on "Open"

Install Step 3

Click "Allow for this Source" when prompted & then click on Install

It's easy to start playing on QPL11

Install Step 1

Choose upcoming Match that you want, and answer the prediction question

Install Step 2

Choose your right contest that you want to join

Install Step 3

Choose your preferred language

Install Step 3

Read the instructions carefully

Install Step 3

Attend the quiz quickly & Correctly

Install Step 3

Check your quiz score at the end.

Reviews & Rating

Hear it from Our Winners

Cricket is much more than a passion for me. Cricket is life. That's why I like playing on QPL11 so much. Thanks to its contests, I'm not just using my knowledge of cricket every day but also earning from it.

Pratik Kotkar

“We came out of their offices very happy with their service. They treated us very kind. Definite will come back. The waiting time was very appropriate.”

Rachna Kori

"I want to express my appreciation for assistance that you provided over several years to help resolve a difficult financial situation when my debt was out of control”

Prakash khanra

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